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A Nature-Based Culturally Immersive Experience Into the Heart of the Maya


Living into the question of 'belonging' and 'reponsibility' during these challenging times; participants are held by the ancient and mystic terrain of Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala. Connecting with Maya community,teachers, leaders, renown Maya healers, learning the ways of traditional artisians, craftspeople, musicians, sustenance fisherman, boat-builders & ceremonialists; you will be surrounded with spacious, practical, ancient & loving ways.  



Each participant is assigned a house-family, will eat and learn how to make traditional meals, rest, and live with Maya families. Submerging you into a truly authentic experience of these times, you will be deeply exposed to both the modern world that has colored Tz'unun Ya' (San Pedro) and the powerful echos and rhythms of the Traditional Maya. 



Your guides Jonah Jensen (founder of Earthwaysjourneys) currently living in Tz'unun Ya', and Mandy Bishop (Nature- based Coaching) of Boulder, CO will act as the bridges, facilitators and skilled witnesses on this journey into this deepest of questions;  what is belonging and responsibility in these times? Having nearly 40 years of combined experience in Nature-Based Therapy, Council work, Alternative Healing, Mindfulness, Plant & Energy Medicines, and most importantly, lifes initiations; these two are humble and competent allies, support, and community accompanying  you and holding the group along the way.   


Laying foundations of comprehensive Maps of Consciousness, Myth, Sacred Medicine walks & paddles as well as Story Circles to deepen, broaden and enrich your journey. Each day of the trip we will journey into connection with the land, building our relationship with the sacred waters without as well as within. Most days will begin with a sunrise paddle into the waters of Lake Atitlan where we will journey into our intentions and questions with Medicine Paddles, Maps of Consciousness, Story Circles and Council Shares. We will utilize the tools of Depth Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing in Nature, Biodynamic Healing & Ancient Wisdom Techniques of Tracking to guide you through powerful explorations of both your inner and outer landscapes; your journey is well supported into this mystery. 







Abbreviated Itinerary


Pre Trip: Info Packets, Group "Zoom" call, Setting intentions with the guides, Questions          


Day 1: Morning: Meet in Boulder and/or at (GUA) City Airport, Group shuttle (provided) & arrival at Lake Atitlan Spanish School, Welcome, Meet Guides, Maya host families, Land, Eat, Rest

Day 2: Morning sunrise paddle/swim: intros, Maya guide, Welcome/prayers, Laying foundations: Maps of Consciousness for tracking

Afternoon: Lunch with Maya families, rest, free time, journaling

Workshop with Traditional Maya Boat Builder, Group integration/council and transition 

Evening: Dinner with families, Freetime, Night events, Explore,  Rest

Day 3: Group sunrise paddle/swim, Foundations of myth, Deepening maps and Somatic Tracking Skills in nature, Council work/Integration

Lunch with Families, Rest, 

Traditional Soap Making

Dinner, Families, Free Time, Journaling

Day 4: Intro, Foundations and thresholds, Sunrise sacred medicine solo paddle,Return integrate

Lunch with Families, Rest, Free Time, journal

Afternoon: Music/traditional Maya ceremony

Evening: Dinner with families, Free-time/night events,


Day 5: Sleep in, Group paddle to San Juan la Laguna, Visit Weaving Collective &

Lunch together 

Afternoon: Tz'utujil Maya Language/Art 

Evening: Dinner, Rest, Journal, Town 

Day 6: Sunrise paddle/swim, Council work: Seeing and telling your story 

Lunch, Families, Free time, Rest

Afternoon: Renowned Maya Healer Individual and Group Sessions

Evening: Dinner, Free Time, Group adventure/celebration to local Thermal pools

Day 7:

Morning Council, Integration, Closing ceremony, Transitions

Group Shuttle, Flights, Good byes

Day 8 on...Optional extended stay with local support!

Following week: The Return,Group "Zoom" council meeting, Integration




"IJAATZ" Semilla del Futuro Project


"Ijaatz" is Tz'utujil for seed, Semilla del Futuro Project is protecting the "Seed of the Future."  Indigenounous languages are disspearing across our planet and with that goes the diverse culture and earth wisdom so needed during these times. 

  20% of all proceeds from this journey goes directly towards our ongoing action to stand up to help Preserve the Indigenous "Tz'utujil Language/Culture and to Protect the Sacred Waters of Lago de Atitlan. This trip is seen not only for ones self but also as an offering in reciprocity to help protect the ancient Mayan Wisdom, Culture and their environment. The Lake is being heavily polluted and the ancient culture is in real danger due to marginalization, globalization and the pervasive influence of "modern ways." The young are at risk of not learning their native tongue. We are stepping in. 

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