Trip Cancelled. 


A Nature-Based

Culturally Immersive

Journey Into

the Heart of the Maya

A transformational personal journey, a cross-cultural immersion, and a group adventure rich with connection to nature and steeped with learning the Indigenous ways of the Maya, this 7-day journey to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is a rare and amazing opportunity to open our minds and hearts to a more ancient wisdom, while living deeply into our own questions of belonging and what it means to be responsible to what we love. All of this in one of the most incredible places on earth, and guided by a special collaboration between Colorado born wilderness guides and Indigenous Maya teachers and healers!

"Atitlán" in Nahuatl means "the place where the rainbow gets its colors." This mystical lake is often called the most beautiful in Central America and has inspired people for thousands for years. Surrounded by a vortex of volcanoes, Lake Atitlán is known for its healing and mystical properties that seekers and believers feel upon arrival. The lake lies in the heart of an ancient volcano's caldera, which filled with water after it's final eruption 85,000 years ago. The lake and it's three surrounding volcanoes still hold active tectonic power and people travel from around the world to feel the energy vortex created here at the intersection of Fuego de la Tierra and Paz del Lago.

This trip is about connecting with the Maya community, teachers and healers, and learning the ways of traditional artisans, connecting with the land, and allowing ourselves to be moved and opened by our experiences, returning us home richer in many ways than when we left. 

"Ijaatz" is the Tz'utujil Maya word for seed. Our Semilla del Futuro Project protects the "Seed of the Future."  Indigenous languages are disappearing across our planet and with that goes the diverse culture and earth wisdom so needed during these times. Our goal is to protect Nature and Culture for future generations thru an "Integral Language Learnng Program."  This free service for the local Maya youth maintains the ancient mother tongue and traditional ways of the Maya for generations forward. We believe and know this is valuable for the Global Community and our Earth. 

15% of all proceeds from this journey go directly towards our ongoing action to stand up to help Preserve the Indigenous "Tz'utujil Language/Culture and to Protect the Sacred Waters of Lago de Atitlán. This guided trip is seen not only for ones self but also as an offering in reciprocity to help protect the ancient Mayan Wisdom, Culture and their environment. The Lake is being polluted and the Traditional Ways  are in real danger due to marginalization, globalization and the pervasive influence of "modern ways." The young are at risk of not learning their native language and carrying on this increbibly beautiful and wise culture . We are stepping in.

Click our "wetravel" link below to join us on a trip of a lifetime in service to the return of Soul and Protection of the Ancient Ways of relationship, togetherness, and belonging. 

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