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Jonah Jensen


Loyal to the land, shaped by the times we are in, and moved by the spirit of what's possible when we remember our belonging;  I'm here as a guide in healing and remembering. My devotion lives in service to the returning balance between the People and the Land. I am here to support the big healing & personal/collective responsibility that comes with the re-awakening of the "Indigenous Soul."  

I help people court their deeper purpose through cultivating skills that help to  
reawaken and deepen connection to the natural world. This return of these "ways of listening,"offers a clarity which becomes the transformative force that heals and guides us. We are placed on the receiving end of this loving relationship and find that it is here that we meet our original gifts, wellness, and purpose that we were born with. 

Through "Somatic Tracking" in nature, one directly experiences the healing and reformative power of our Earth & Spirit. We begin to ease into a wider coherence, with that wonder and well-being begins to return and inform our lives. 

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Jonah Jensen, SEP


Jonah is a Land-based Trauma Therapist, Rite of Passage Guide, Ceremonialist, and Writer. He has over 2 decades of experience in the healing arts including Somatic Experiencing, Craniosacral Biodynamics, Polarity Therapy.  A gifted healer and guide, Jonah weaves ancient relational wisdom, somatic tacking skills in Nature, as well as hands on energy medicine in devotion to restoring the balance and relationship between the People and the Land, through the renegotiatioin of collective trauma and the return and remembering of the Indigenous Soul.  

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