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"Jonah has gathered the essential elements for a truly holistic approach to mind-body healing."

John Chitty - Author "Dancing with Yin & Yang" Founder, Colorado School of Energy Studies 

"Jonah is a very gifted somatic practitioner with a deep devotion to the art of transformation and earth wisdom. In both individual sessions as well as the facilitation of group healing work, I have witnessed his skill at creating an assuring and sacred space. I have been continually amazed by his abilities to listen on a very deep level, perceive clearly and communicate powerfully. His grounded, reverent, gentle and strong leadership as well as a profound subtle awareness are a huge asset to any individual or community striving toward wholeness."


Will Reynolds - Wilderness therapy guide, Astrological councilor

"Jonah speaks a language that few have mastered.  His inquisitive touch is empowered by his exceptional ability to slow down to the body's speed and listen deeply to it's needs.  His capacity for healing is matched only by his desire to help others heal themselves.  In my time working with Jonah, I have tapped into a new relationship with my body and its resilience.  With one foot in ancient wisdom and another in modernity, Jonah helped me remember that I belong on this planet and the best of my life is yet to come."


Alexander Antonucci - MA, LPC, Family Counselor, Family Systems Educator Naropa University

"Jonah is a true healer and incredible person!  His presence is gentle, safe, and respectful and he attunes deeply to both what is said and unsaid, seen and unseen.  He holds a deep reverence for the Earth and the human experience and knows the subtleties of the body.  I would send my whole family and community to him if I could!"


Rachel Bonaiuto - MA, LPC, BC-DMT,  Authentic Movement Facilitator, Somatic Educator

"Jonah Jensen is an extremely gifted healer and facilitator of council. His highly cultivated skills with attunement and tracking subtle energies in a person or in the field are top-notch. He feels into what’s going on and meets it with care and a refined consciousness, and applies just the right touch to help people open up new possibilities and reconnect with wholeness. Jonah’s gentleness, compassion, sensitivity and integrity make people trust him and know that they’re in very capable hands. He embodies an uncanny, deep connection with the more than human world and with the flow of ritual. Having been in council with Jonah, I can attest that he's adept at creating and facilitating transformative and awakening experiences for men. If you’re looking for a gifted healer or a deep men’s council guide, Jonah is the man."


Reuvain Bacal - Psychotherapist, Evolutionary Men's Group Leader, Relationship Coach 



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