Somatic Experiencing

Zoom, Office or Land-Based Healing Excursions

 Land-based & Indoor session work, this approach resolves unprocessed inner material and trauma by incorporating multiple levels of the human experience:  Sensation, The 5 Senses, Body, Affect, Mind, and the Mytho-poetic. Integrating these past undigested wounds aid in stepping into an embodied life aligned with our original-Soul purpose.  We remember that we belong, why we are here, and what we are here to do.   


We can take this further by incorporating direct Earth, Spirit, Ancestor & Elemental support. These sessions are often conducted outdoors directly with the Earth. Sessions options include individuals and group.  


       Tranformative     Integrative      Revelatory         

Group Council   Workshops    Journeys

Ceremonial, Earth-Based & Somatic with a Biodynamic emphasis; we work together as community with common and individual intent. 


Community  Renewal   Healing

  Biodynamic Craniosacral


This modality rejuvenates, heals, and balances the entire nervous system coaxing your natural spirit forward.  This work can introduce shamanic realms and revelatory in its nature.  


Using supportive touch and adept relational presence the more evolved aspects of our nervous system come online in tandom with your original untouched spirit.  This equates to deep health and healing.  Craniosacral work can free stuck emotions, beliefs, traumas and dis-ease in the body. The essential aspects of your nature begin to be revealed and integrated.  This therapy is both subtle and powerful.  


  Subtle   Deep   Alchemy    

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