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Somatic Experiencing

 This body-based trauma therapy approach resolves unprocessed inner material and trauma by incorporating multiple levels of the human experience including Sensation, The 5 Senses, Body, Affect, Mind, and the Mythopoetic. Integrating these past undigested parts allows one to step into a Soulful and purpose driven life. We begin to remember.  These sessions are offered online through zoom or in-person in Lyons, CO,


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

This modality rejuvenates, heals, and balances the entire nervous system coaxing your natural healing forward.  This work can reveal subtle realms of healing and can be revelatory in nature. Using supportive touch and adept relational presence the more evolved aspects of our nervous system come online in tandom with your original untouched spirit.  This equates to deep health and healing.  


Craniosacral work can free stuck emotions, beliefs, traumas and "dis-ease" in the body. The essential aspects of your nature begin to be revealed and integrated.  This therapy is both subtle and powerful.  This work is offered in-person in Lyons, CO.  

 Immersions with the Earth

Multiple day immersions for individuals & groups include Threshold Experiences with the land, Somatic Tracking with the Earth, Tools for Trauma & Nervous System Regulation, Mindfulness Instruction, Craniosacral Therapy, Ceremony & Council. Completely customizable to you and your needs. Get in touch with Jonah to begin your journey. 

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can't govern life 

it has its own way

with us;

be drawn

into long dark nights

awake, with the sweet hope

that lives there


carried by slow moving


it's not so scary

it's just that, 

we have to lose

our way

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