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Vision Quest

 San Diego, CA

· learn somatic tracking skills for healing in nature

· awaken ancestral soul and the gift of belonging to place

· heal trauma through deepening relationship with the land

· court grief through beauty and belonging

Moving from individualism to collective wellness, in deep relationship with the Land and one another. 

Our health and wellness is made possible by a vibrant web of relationship, weaving our beings with the living Earth. There's a healing intelligence that comes through nature into our Soma. 


Yet most of us have been displaced from the land and from our roots. This displacement, which is felt in body, psyche and soul needs to be addressed if we are to feel resourced and responsive in these times we find ourselves in. 

Finding true ground, in relationship to body and place is the only way through. 



Our belonging comes from relationship. The land is here to support us in remembering the health that is in connection and the beauty that is our original nature. We might stop operating as ghosts of ourselves and instead, remember ourselves as beings that belong, souls of place. 

  Souls of Place

When: Friday, January 27th-29th

8am-6pm Jan 29th

Where: TBD

This Quest will take place by the ocean, at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Beach in Leucadia. We will all gather at a meeting point before heading down to the beach for our landing and connecting practice. Together we'll sit in guided ceremony and council-work. The group will be led into somatic practices to connect with the land, the elemental world and each other. We will sit in circle together, sharing our intentions and letting that inform our time together. From there, we will see where the land wants to take us. You will be guided to be with what is on your heart through somatic tracking skills to connect body with land, ultimately feeling ourselves held and informed by the care of the landscape. Once you register you will receive more details on where we will gather and what you can bring. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Learn more about your guide, Jonah. 


To Sign Up:

△ Fill out the registration form below



△ Send non-refundable deposit of $50 or full amount via paypal to to reserve your space

(please note your spot is not reserved until you send your deposit.)

Vision Quest 


Thank you, you'll hear from me soon.

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