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Vision Quest

Why do a Vision Quest?  

To Remember 

To be of greater service to what we love

Mother Earth, all of our Relatives (human and non-human) and the Great Mystery.

To more deeply and profoundly awaken our Essential Nature

To connect to the profound beauty and joy of being alive

The Quest is an opportunity to reconnect with the deep care, guidance, and holding power of the Earth and Mystery. It can be a reformation, a return to Soul, and a choice to heal. A Quest has the potential to place you, re-orient or reveal to you (perhaps for the first time) the original purpose you were born with and that you are meant to offer the world. 


It's a chance to be inspirited, and reconnect with the magic and deep wonder of this life...


A  Rite of Passage Quest can be a catalyst to a true felt sense of belonging, and with that, a natural and deep gratitude, indebtedness, responsibility and clear direction in  life that supports the greater family of relationships, our Earth and Spirit.



Vision Quest 


Thank you, you'll hear from me soon.

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